The art of bricks


Bigger and richer: millions of coloured bricks to excite and entertain young and old. The best-loved characters, the most iconic scenarios, the works of art, entirely constructed in Brick Art.

An exhibition even richer in content and detail, designed by the creative direction of Next Exhibition as an entertainment opportunity for the whole family.

There are many thematic areas, really for all tastes.

The first section of the exhibition, appreciated by the public of all ages, is the hyper-faithful reconstruction of some of the main monuments of our beautiful Italy: from the Mole Antonelliana in Turin (author: Marco Giannitti) to the Tower of Pisa (author: Orange Team Lug), from the Lanterna in Genoa (author: Marco Fanelli of Liguria Bricks) to the Lighthouse of Capri (author: Pasquale Caramuta), up to the local icon, the Asinelli Tower in Bologna, made with over 3800 bricks, by Edoardo Gargano of the AEmilia Bricks group.

One dreams in the area dedicated to fairy tale princesses, from classic fairy tales to more modern tales. From Alice in Wonderland to the Charge of the 101, from Snow White to the Little Mermaid.

And it’s all about great adventures in the company of famous superheroes with SuperHeroes City and the Avengers’ Hulkbuster armour.

For the nostalgic, there is a western diorama over three metres big, where we meet an ‘old acquaintance’ for Palazzo Belloni. If the audience catches a glimpse of the DeLorean, Doc and Marty from Back to the Future Part III. One year after the Bologna exhibition dedicated to the film trilogy, therefore, a nice little reminder.

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400 Square Meters

40 Opere

+3 Milioni di Mattoncini

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